It’s Cold Outside!

Pet Safety Tips for This Winter

As this month starts getting colder, we’re all probably forgetting that winter had a late start this season and are dreaming of spring. While we have a few more weeks of colder temperatures, it’s important to keep these tips in mind to ensure the safety of your pets.

pawz are meant for walking

Ways to Prevent Paw Damage

These Paws Are Meant for Walking…But Can Still Be Injured. 

While pawz are generally the best shoes nature can give, they’re not supernatural and can be hurt…especially in this weather! It’s a good idea to check your FurBaby’s pawz frequently, especially if you’ve noticed that he’s been licking them more than usual. I know, I know…if I had pawz that cute I’d want to lick them too, but we always want to make sure our FurBaby is as healthy as can be!

You can check for signs of cold-weather injury or damage, such as cracked paw pads, broken nails or even bleeding.

Pet Safety

Now, this is what I call Cozy!

They say heat travels up, so sometimes our NYC apartments are toasty enough as is. However, many times the window insulation isn’t that great and our home can be quite chilly for our FurBabies! You want to avoid things like electric blankets or heating pads, especially if you’re gone all day. If you’re worried about your home being too cold for her, look into Snuggle Safe Pet Microwaveable Bed – they’re safe and last up to 10 hours with soothing warmth!

Pets Can Suffer From Hypothermia, Too

Brrrrr…It’s Way Too Cold! 

Hypothermia doesn’t just happen to humans! Our FurBabies can be subject to it as well – especially in these up and down temperatures we’re getting in our frozen concrete jungle!

Hypothermia is a condition in which the body temperature becomes too low for normal functioning. It is more common in animals who are short-haired, small, wet, or have no shelter during periods of cold temperatures. (1)

Granted, our FurBabies aren’t exactly out for hours, frolicking the streets of New York City, but it’s still good to keep an eye out for some of these signs. Below are some signs to look out for from the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF)(2). If you see any of these signs, get your FurBaby back inside quickly because they’re showing signs of hypothermia:

Is your FurBaby…

  • Whining?
  • Shivering?
  • Seeming anxious?
  • Slowing Down?
  • Refusing to Walk?
  • Seeming Weak?
  • Starting to look for warm places to burrow?

Avoid Shaving Your Pet Down In Winter

“Don’t Touch the Hair!”  

Now this may seem like a no brainer, but since UrbanPawz SPA® also does grooming, we feel the need to give you this suggestion. It’s not a good idea to shave your dog’s coat down to the skin in winter. A longer coat will provide more warmth during these colder months, even if you’re not a fan of longer tresses.  Many FurBabies have an undercoat that grows out to help keep them warmer in the winter months. Other FurBabies have hair instead of fur (even though we affectionately call them ‘FurBabies’) and need the longer hair to stay extra comfy. We’re happy to style him when the flowers start blooming, but in the meantime, avoid cutting them down too short.We promise, they’ll appreciate it! 😉

Tips That Can Keep Your Pet’s Food As Fresh As Can Be.


When it comes to things that your FurBaby really loves, food is probably at the top of their list. We at UrbanPawz are huge on good, healthy diets and you’ll find a lot of info throughout the year on tips regarding this topic. For this month, the main suggestion is to keep your FurBaby’s food in an airtight food bin. This is the best to retain its freshness and crunch, ensuring that each kibble is delicious to the last bite!