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UrbanPawz Care™

Worry no more about your FurBaby being unhappy while you’re away! We offer Relief Breaks, Walks/Exercise, Pet Sitting and In-Home Overnight Care for all Pets!


  • Not all FurBabies love the NYC hustle and bustle. Some just want to do their business and get back to their comfy bed.
  • We are here to make your life easier. If you love to exercise your FurBaby after work, but need some help getting her out for a quick potty break before you get home, this is your best option.
  • Relief Breaks are the ideal amount of time to get your FurBaby outside, allow her to relieve herself, and get her back in before she breaks a sweat / breaks a nail / messes up her hairdo / cramps her style
  • We love to spend some extra time with your FurBaby on a walk while getting his daily NY fix!


  • No more feeling guilty about your work schedule or not being able to get home by a certain time.
  • Not all pets thrive in a full-day daycare. Many prefer a 30-minute walk outside, and that’s enough to get them reenergized for a long nap!
  • Both, Single Walks and Walk Packages are available.


  • Keep your FurBaby in the comfort of his own, familiar home while you’re away. We’ll come to you.
  • Know that your FurBaby will be safe in his familiar environment, not being exposed to stressors, potential diseases or disturbing his routine.
  • We have an in-depth questionnaire to ensure we follow your routine and keep your FurBaby as happy as can be in his own home

Other services include feeding, medicine administration, wee-pad replacement, and others available upon request.